Kristina Õllek


Installation, diasec print 150 x 200 cm, gel pads, air compressor spiral hose, cobalt-pigmented sand, UV print, plexiglass 18 x 24 cm, tablet holder, UV print on acryl 37 x 47 cm, UV print on acryl 24 x 30 cm, video with sound 11' 38'', wondergel cushions, memory foam, fibo block.


The work is commissioned by Art Museum of Estonia Foundation and Le Lieu Unique.


Please write me to get a link to see the video Nautilus New Era (11'38'').

Nautilus New Era (2018) draws from Nantes-born writer Jules Verne’s fiction "20 000 Leagues Under The Sea" (1870) and juxtaposes it to the current problematic topic of the deep sea mining. In Verne’s story Captain Nemo confirmed to Prof. Aronnax that there was valuable metals at the bottom of the sea and that mining them was certainly feasible. Today this has become a real scenario, as rare sea minerals have become essential for the increasing demand for high-tech applications and renewable energy technologies. In her work Õllek is interested in how the dubious situation is represented. Using the same title as the contentious vessel of the first deep sea mining operation, expected to begin in 2019, Kristina Õllek creates a work by using materials that are connected to the deep sea scientific research and mining, developing "a seabed" with artificial elements.

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