Kristina Õllek


UV-print on acrylic, 205 x 125 cm

2 transparent plexiglass displays



UV-print on acrylic, 100 x 72 cm

2 transparent plexiglass displays



UV-print on acrylic, transparent plexiglass displays

Series of 9 forms, dimensions variable


YOU KNOW YOU'VE BECOME PART OF THE VIEW, together with Kert Viiart

12.10–30.10.2017, Hobusepea gallery.


Intro  for “You Know You’ve Become Part of the View” (UV print on acrylic, 205 x 125 cm, 2 transparent plexiglass displays)

Humidifier (Readymade)

The Larger Than Life-Size Statue Depicts the God Almost Nude* (Inkjet print on PVC banner, 230 x 110 cm)

A Hand Holding Antiquity* (UV print on acrylic, 100 x 72 cm, 2 transparent plexiglass displays)

Intro  for “You Know You’ve Become Part of the View” (Video, loop)

Displacers (UV print on acrylic, thermoformed (hand-made), transparent plexiglass displays, series of 9 forms, dimensions variable)

The Real Thing* (Video, 3'20'')

Works noted with * were made during Kristina Õllek’s residency at Snehta, Athens.


Readymade, plexiglass display



Video, 3'20''




Taken out of the material flow,

a thing becomes the representation of itself.

Being present without its sense.

Though it’s there and innumerable eyes see it.


It’s there, but out of the reach for touch,

isolated in its own presentation.

Yet it’s touched by something else,

a form that grasps it gently,

blends in without asking for permission.


You see it. It’s happening in front of your eyes,

and know that it will also happen not only here,

but there as well.

It all merges together, 

and becomes part of the view.



You Know You’ve Become Part of the View is a joint exhibition by Kristina Õllek and Kert Viiart, which is a continuation to Õllek’s previous exhibition project When You Have the Object Itself in Front of Your Eyes and their collaborative project Exhibit_onscroll on Instagram, which both engaged with the questions of image representation and dematerialisation within observing the format of an exhibition, and its influence on the viewer and contemporary art position in the digital age.
The new exhibition at Hobusepea gallery carries on with previous subjects and complement these through the contemporary context of archeology and museology by researching the relationship between the exhibited objects and their display elements as well the representative 3D virtual reality.

The exhibition is part of the Young Artist Prize, which was awarded to Kristina Õllek in 2016 for her MA graduation work at Estonian Academy of Arts, and it belongs to the Tallinn Photomonth’17 contemporary art biennial gallery programm.


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