Kristina Õllek

Under Certain Circumstances (Static Synthetic 1.0)


Installation, 2 videos in loop, screen 65'', screen 40'', crystal resign, air humidity of the space, blue light

Under Certain Circumstances (Static Synthetic 1.0) was a site-specific installation in the humid basement floor at Coherent. The work combined the perception of natural elements and the post-digital environment, reflecting on the idea of specific humidity percentage that is being used in the data centres for the prevention of the static electricity as well as for the balanced moisture for plants in an artificial environment. The work was accompanied by the blue filtered light that stimulate process for an increased photosynthesis as well manipulate with the body's melatonin level that’s imposed by the current era of the screens. Alongside the two videos that were screening the “humid air”, the work contained of four acrylic water puddles that are placed on the floor to intertwine with the displayed works as well comment on the idea of a representational and artificial sensorial experience.


The installation was part of the group show "A Brief Introduction to Physiological Anthropology" with Alexander Duke and Valérian Goalec, curated by Maxime Souvent at Coherent, 59 rue Keyenveld, Brussels.

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