Kristina Õllek

Micro is an experience-based installation which is based on the habit of observation and physical place-memory. By distorting the facade and the interior of the gallery, a goal is to create a situation in which a visually existing photogpraphic phenomenon appears physically in another environment. 

Micro was made in collaboration with artists Aap Tepper, Kulla Laas, Mari-Leen Kiipli and Mari Volens. Exhibited at Draakoni gallery, 30.04-10.05.2014.

It was re-exhibited in a group show Youth Mode, curated by Marika Agu, Nele Ambos, Hanna-Liis Kont, Julia Polujanenkova at Tartu Art Museum, 12.03 – 17.05.15. 

*Window image was a repro photo of a cutout from Foam magazine, Issue #30, spring 2012, p. 126.



One-channel projection, hazer, photo print on window, 

wooden construction, geofabric

 View to the Draakoni gallery from the street


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