Kristina Õllek

EXHIBIT_ONSCROLL, together with Kert Viiart

Online exhibition on Instagram




The infinite screen of content invites to scroll through. 
In a moment things flash and seeing becomes inhabiting.

To see the detail, tap on the image.
Tap-tap, no tap water coming, but another sip of new pixels.

Refresh and scroll further.
Refresh again and the circle is doing another round or two.
Scroll down for more.

Pixels opening up another space of grids.
View from above melts under your fingertip.

Amount of Now and There,
the melanopic light of the screen takes you.




CLICK HERE TO SEE THE EXHIBITION! Please see it through smartphone Instagram app.

@exhibit_onscroll is an exhibition*grid by Kert Viiart and Kristina Õllek. This site-specific project engages with Instagram as an exhibition format and addresses its influence on the viewer, contemporary artistic practice and exhibition making. To fully experience @exhibit_onscroll please follow it via your smartphone’s Instagram app. View the exhibition by rotating your phone 90° CCW and let your finger be your guide.

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