Kristina Õllek



Room installation at EKKM and light installation at Lootsi 15 projected to the public space

 View to the entrance, which activates the work, EKKM

 Intallation view, EKKM

 View to the posters, which were for take away and information about Lootsi 15 location as well Rundum’s program

View to Lootsi 15

Site-specific work was done in collaboration with Mari Volens, Mari-Leen Kiipl, Aap Tepper and Kulla Laas by using the Rundum artist-run space, platform, which was invited by David Raymond Conroy to be part of exhibitionProsu(u)mer at Estonian Contemporary Art Museum (EKKM). For the period of the exhibition Rundum artist-run space used one of the spaces of the exhibition Prosu(u)mer at the Contemporary Art Museum Estonia and linked it to another of its temporary spaces, a former police house on the premises of the Port of Tallinn (Lootsi 15) that will soon be demolished. By entering the space at EKKM, the viewer activated the work by its presence for 5 minutes at Lootsi 15, and invited the viewer to take the walk to the activated work.

The work Assuming Control Until Further Notice, a temporary act of communication sent off to the urban environment, took place in both of these buildings as well as in between them, in the interim area witnessing rapid changes.



Exhibited at Prosu(u)mer (17.09–18.10.2015, EKKM (Põhja pst 35) / Lootsi 15, curated by David Raymond Conroy.

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