Kristina Õllek

Poster by Kert Viiart

May-June 2017 I was in a residency at Snehta Residency in Athens! New body of works "The Real Thing" was exhibited at a group show "For General Background See Section “What to See and Do”, p. 24" together with Daria Gusberti and Victoria Evans, curated by Danai Giannoglou.

Opening Monday 26th June 8-11pm
Open 27th-29th June 4-8pm

Snehta Residency, I.Drosopoulou 47, Kypseli, Athens


This autumn is loaded with good things and I'm really happy to announce that my new works will be part of: "Image Drain" curated by Anthea Buys, opening on 1st of September at Tallinna Kunstihoone! + " Fold by Fold the Widowed Stone Unrobes Itself" curated by Stefanie Hessler, opening on 22nd of September at EKKM + Estonian Photographic Art Fair, opening on 28th of September + "Too Good To Be Photographed" launch by Paul Paper and Lugemik on 30th of September + joint exhibition "You Know You've Become Part of The View" together with Kert Viiart, opening on 12th of October at Hobusepea gallery! 



Online opening on 30th of March, 20:00 at Konstanet:



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By clicking you’ve entered through the transparent green screen curtain

and the liquidized space welcomes you.


Render. Rendering.

The view, viewer, viewership.

Looking, verifying, comparing.


You are here,

this is the exhibition



It has been photographed, uploaded, edited, reformatted, uploaded, downloaded,

uploaded, shared.

By leaving you’ve clicked out from the transparent green screen curtain,

new circulation starts.


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WHEN YOU HAVE THE OBJECT ITSLEF IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES/ on paper is now available in limited edition of 50! 👀

You can find it at Lugemik or ask directly from me!

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@exhibit_onscroll is an exhibition*grid by Kert Viiart and Kristina Õllek, launched on February 2nd 2017. This site-specific project, unfolding in four parts throughout the month, engages with Instagram as an exhibition format and addresses its influence on contemporary artistic practice and exhibition making. Once fully installed, the show will remain open as long as Instagram’s three-column grid-view exists. To fully experience @exhibit_onscroll view it through your Instagram app by rotating your phone 90° CCW.

20.–23.04 at POPPOSITIONS 2017, ING ART Center, Brussels:

WHEN YOU HAVE THE OBJECT ITSELF IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES / Poppositions represented by Rundum artist-run space

You Know You've Become Part of the View

Kristina Õllek & Kert Viiart

13–30.10.2017, Hobusepea galelry, Tallinn

The Real Thing (2017) & Displacers (together with Kert Viiart, 2017) are part of the Riga Photography Biennial exhibition Screen Age I : Self-Portrait (13.04–13.05.2018) at Riga Art Space, curated by Inga Brūvere in cooperation with Marie Sjøvold and Aiga Dzalbe.

More info here:

New publication: WHAT TO DO TOGETHER? + visual essay Multipile Entryways

Publication compiled by Rundum (Mari-Leen Kiipli, Kulla Laas, Aap Tepper, Mari Volens, Kristina Õllek)

Authors: Alberto García del Castillo, Barnaby Drabble, Amaranta Heredia Jaén, Mari-Leen Kiipli, Kulla Laas, Aap Tepper, Kirill Tulin, Kert Viiart, Mari Volens, Kristina Õllek

Graphic design: Kert Viiart (Studio Le60) 

CURRENT: "A Brief Introduction to Physiological Anthropology" ( 31.05– 30.06.2018) with Alexander Duke and Valérian Goalec, curated by Maxime Souvent at Coherent, Brussels.

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